09 September, 2008


No, not cows. They've gone a bit quiet lately.

The moo I mean is a nifty little company in the UK making a name for themselves with lovely printed material based on your own photos. Here's my latest set - nice aren't they?

You get 100 cards - as many images as you want so you could have a different one on each. They also do stickers, business cards, gift cards and postcards.

Moo aren't the only company of this type but they are a good one.

Advert over. But it is amazing how the digital age has changed printing, although it's not the first time that amateur prints were available as postcards. I have lots of pictures of my family, their homes, and so on taken by my relatives and printed up as postcards by professional printers. These date from before the second world war. A few years ago, Tom wanted to get an image printed up as postcards and the minimum order he could get was 250. Now we're back to being able to get much much smaller quantities at an affordable rate, probably much more affordable than pre-war, as I do realize that photography was a rich person's hobby in those days.

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