30 September, 2008


I know. Whisper it. In these days of shocks on Wall Street and the "credit crunch" I've been shopping for two new lamps for the study courtesy of Anglepoise. The idea being that with one or possibly two energy-saving bulbs going instead of six (the study has three of those paired wall lights which all go on at once) it will save energy and money. Clearly a good thing. Going green can be about saving money even if people like Julie Burchill think it's just for posh people with loads of money who only eat organic.

However. While hunting for the right lamp (which obviously I finally found at John Lewis) I thought I'd check out Nigel's ecostore. Generally this is a good website with lots of handy gadgets you won't have thought of all in one place. This time it also offered this:

Eco desk light 36 LEDs

This cutting edge and stylish Eco desk light by Luminair uses energy efficient LED lighting technology and environmentally-friendly, sustainable materials.

The black walnut wood used in the design is from sustainably managed forests only, which means the more wood used, the more the forests grow, as more trees are planted than harvested.

Sounds lovely doesn't it? Let's mention sustainable as many times as possible. And the price? £330. I mean, bloody hell! How sustainable is that? Not for my bank balance. It's a bloody desk lamp. Gives being green and sustainable a bad name.


Elizabeth Musgrave said...

The most sustainable thing to do is to continue to use what you have. This makes me spit. Not normally given to anger but this deserves it. pah.

Eliane said...

I agree. Problem was I didn't have anything. But I did go for a decent lamp as I plan on keeping it a long time. The wooden lamp was ridiculous.

Nicki said...

makes me wonder whether or not Julie Burchill has a point!

Suzanne@ Panteg Alpacas said...

John Lewis rocks - am I biased ?!

Eliane said...

Nope. John Lewis definitely rocks.