30 September, 2008


Real food is very uneven. The apples on our trees are all different shapes and sizes. The bread from my last batch came out a bit lop-sided.

The eggs on Sunday (5!) ranged from tiny to large.

We've become so out of touch going to supermarkets where everything is graded that we forget that it didn't necessarily grow that way or get laid that way, it was sorted and graded and boxed up and labelled. So now we have large eggs and medium eggs and, actually do we have small eggs? Must check next time. And modern recipe books call for large or medium eggs unlike my Jane Grigson or Elizabeth David books which just ask for eggs.

I like unevenness. I like different coloured eggs and different sizes. I never know what to expect, how many or what colour or shape. And I'm never sure what shape the loaf will turn out (but then that's me the careless baker). Unevenness should be celebrated.


Elizabeth Musgrave said...

You had five eggs in one day? Respect.

Buddhist in Training said...

Oh how I agree with you! Supermarkets have lost touch with how food should be, taste has been sacrifised for looks. When I was in Australia all the fruit and veg looked crazy, mishapen and not that attractive but the taste was out of this world. That's why you can't beat home grown.