03 September, 2008

Summer, hurrumph!

When I moved here in autumn last year, I comforted myself through the cold months with visions of the garden in the summer, full of ripening tomatoes, courgettes, even aubergines (hey what did I know), me in the middle wandering on hot summer evenings picking herbs and constructing wonderful meals from home grown veg.

Didn't happen.

What did happen was rain, and rain, and rain. Slugs, snails, rather sad courgettes, even sadder tomatoes and wellingtons as the footwear of choice in almost every situation. Tents were blown away (not mine though it was close), holidays were ruined, children were bored, and the garden is awash with slimey black slugs rather than tomatoes. Gluts, pah! I dream of gluts. If only I had too many tomatoes or courgettes. Enough would be good. Some even.

Now if all that is too gloomy, here is why. Two pictures for you.

Tomatoes top and bottom. Tomatoes edible and blighted. Yuck. Think I may have to pull the plants. They tried, they really did, but this wet August had it in for them and now we're in September and it's not getting any better.

Still it's been a good year for rainbows.

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Elizabeth Musgrave said...

That is really not fair. Ours aren't blighted but aren't ripening either. I have just laid in monstrous stores of brown sugar and vinegar as I feel a huge chutney making coming on.