01 September, 2008

One down, one to go

Last Thursday was Emilia's birthday party. By the time the children arrived I was well and truly exhausted so mostly I hid in the kitchen making tea and pizzas while Tom organized the party games. That's what six batches of fairy cakes, two of butter biscuits (one burnt) and a large chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting will do to a woman. Not forgetting the home-made from scratch pizzas. Told you I was mad. Actually the most mad thing I did was carefully sew silver paper streamers to the bottom of a petticoat to make a jellyfish costume for Charlotte. I think she quite liked it, but not enough to stop her wearing the extra mermaid costume my friend had slipped in just in case. So I now have a jellyfish costume no one is ever going to wear because Charlotte's party is a jungle party and the jellyfish population of the average jungle is zero.

The party was a success. Here I am with cake.

And I would like to thank in no particular order:

Nigella Lawson for her fairy cake and butter biscuit recipes (Domestic Goddess)
Tamasin Day-Lewis for her chocolate birthday cake recipe (Kitchen Bible)
The Chocolate Trading Company for promptly delivering numerous chocolate fish
Party Pieces for the hanging fish and the fish rubber balls
Nicky for the extra mermaid costumes
Eddy for taking pictures
Nil for making tea, and finally and definitely not least
Tom for managing c. 15 small girls for 21⁄2 hours with no help from me

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