05 October, 2008

Saturday night is film night

This is a new institution in our house. Every Saturday night we have dinner in front of a DVD with the children. So far we've watched:
  • The Jungle Book - the children cried at the scary bit with Shere Khan.
  • The Wizard of Oz - the children cried at the bit with the witch and those flying monkeys.
  • Matilda - the children cried at the scary bit when Matilda and Miss Honey go into Miss Trunchbull's house
  • Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - the children didn't cry until the end and then only because it was over.
I think they're enjoying it... but any suggestions for non-scary (and really I mean very very non-scary films as E will cry at Mary Poppins) films would be gratefully received. Next week's film is meant to be Ratatouille - will this be okay?

We won't however be eating Ratatouille as it's too messy.

Last night's dinner was homemade burgers with oven chips, popcorn (homemade) and choc ices. We've had pasta in bowls but the burgers were definitely better and a real treat. I think I'm enjoying coming up with the menus as much as the films. Maybe tortillas next week?

I shall leave you with one of my father's favourite numbers from 7B47B: Lonesome Polecat, and below that, the recipe for burgers.

Basic Hamburgers from Darina Allen's Ballymaloe Cookery Course - Serves 4-6

10g (1/2oz) butter
50g (2oz) onion, very finely chopped
450g (1lb) beef (flank, chump or shin would be perfect), freshly minced
1/2 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves
1/2 teaspoon finely chopped parsley
1 small organic egg, beaten
salt and freshly ground pepper
oil or dripping

Melt the butter in a saucepan and toss int he onion, sweating until soft but not coloured. Leave to get cold. Meanwhile mix the mince with the herbs and beaten egg, season with salt and pepper add the onions and mix well. Fry off a tiny bit in the pan to check the seasoning and correct if necessary. Then shape into hamburgers - 4-6 depending on the size you require. Cook to your taste in a medium-hot pan or grill pan in a little oil, turning once.


Buddhist in Training said...

That sounds really great! Aren't kids funny. My eldest used to love 'Come Outside' with Auntie Mabel and Pippin. She always cried when it finished! The youngest with watch anything, and then just get nightmares. It's a tricky one for your sensitive lot!

Nicki said...

Hi Ellie
I suggest Bedknobs and Broomsticks - not that good on plot but not scary either! Also I still cry at the Wizard of Oz!

The clip made me laugh - very welsh - 'a man can't sleep when he's with sheep'!

GardenGirl said...

How about Parent Trap? Either the old one or the new one.

Amanda said...

That's a hard question to answer (three of us have been racking our brains for you). I found part of The Parents' Guide to Kids' Movies available via GoogleBooks - that might be a worthwhile investment for you. Maybe slapstick comedy might be the safest choice - something like Beethoven, Dunston Checks In or even that classic Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines?!

Secret Garden Supper Club said...

I buy movies for a living. This is the age-old question - what is REALLY worth watching?

Wall-e comes out in a couple of weeks. It's very sweet and not scary. Currently with my 1 yr old we are relegated to Winnie the Pooh (it's the gentlest thing I can find...). We did try Sleeping Beauty today as he was falling asleep for his nap. The dragon and witch were too scary, so I am glad he had already fallen asleep.
I hate the Backyardigans with a passion (don't tell Paramount hehe) but they are very gentle. Caillou is gentle too but very annoying in my book.
I have two older sons who grew up on Abbott & Costello, Scooby Doo, and Disney classics. We skipped most of the mainstream junk just because.
Good luck.