23 November, 2008

The garden

I haven't spent much time here lately. Partly it's November, partly the weather, partly Tom was away and my hands were full of other stuff. But I probably should be thinking about it.

Some random thoughts. Am I actually going to get any garlic in yet? How much digging of new beds am I going to do? Is it too late to pop broad beans in. Should I get those new fruit bushes? And lastly, are we really going to go halves on a polytunnel with the neighbours?

Perhaps this week I will get on with something.


Don said...

I like to find a new blog to explore each week, and am delighted to find yours! I am fascinated by life in Wales, and hope to visit there someday!

I like your life choices and am especially interested in that electricity measuring device. We need to become much more aware of our usage (wastage) here in the states. Lead On!

What kinds of chickens do you have? Cuckoos? Barred Rocks?

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I am musing about garlic too. I grew some last year which flourished in the ground and mouldered away once I got in inside. I am pretty sure now that I didn't let it dry off enough. The shallots and red onions were really good so I think I could do better. Must get some planted.