14 December, 2008

Kitchen scales and a thank you note

One (or as it turned out two) of the things that I wanted for my birthday was a set of decent kitchen scales. To my mind these are a kitchen essential but I haven't had a set that I've been happy with for ages.

There are three options. The old-fashioned balance sort (think scales of justice or Libra) Alternatively, there's the kind that work with a scale and a bowl on top. I've usually had these as they're the most common and cheapest. Lastly, there are electric scales. These can be reset to zero each time you add something so the mixing process can take place at the same time as the weighing process. Having received a goodly sum (thank you Judy, Martin and Will) I decided to get some electric scales together with some new melamine mixing bowls. And here they are.

The scales can convert from Metric to Imperial and can also do liquid measures.

I'm particularly pleased with the mixing bowls which are rather gorgeous. They're Nigella and while I don't normally go for celebrity cook designer labels, these are lovely and I really like the warm rich red colour. It's a pleasure to use something attractive every day in the kitchen.

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