14 December, 2008

Bedtime, it's bliss

I am in love. The object of my affection is flat, beige and electrified. I surprised Tom the other night with an electric blanket and we both agree, it's wonderful. The bedroom no longer needs heating (well that point is up for discussion). Instead we disrobe at top speed and leap into the bed to be greeted by warmth. No more desperate clinging on to my equally cold husband, who really objects to my supercooled feet. And Wattson tells me, it is an economical user of electricity, so that's all right too.


Joanna said...

That's what we do too. And we need to discuss actual heating in our bedroom, but somehow never do. I love our electric blanket, and no longer think of it as something for old age ;)


Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Yup, on every night. Heaven.