25 March, 2009

On behalf of Sam, Ella, Emily, Rose, Mavis, Gladys and Ethel

I'd like to thank Mrs Almost Average over at the Rubbish Diet who has honoured me along with some other excellent sites with a Hen Party Award for inspiring her to keep chickens. I really don't deserve it. And Sam or Ella doesn't either because she is still laying in a mystery spot somewhere on these acres and I can't find it. (The fact that I can't actually tell the difference between my chickens is another sign I don't deserve the award - yes I've named them but no real idea which is which.)

And while I'm on the subject of The Rubbish Diet, I just want to say that I shall miss it. Mrs Almost Average is winding down - she's achieved in a year much more than most blogs ever do. I know she's working on a book - as an ex-editor and current long-suffering-wife-of-an-author, I hope things are going well and wish her (and Mr A) luck, inspiration and a speedy publication.

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Almost Mrs Average said...

LOL - of course you deserve it. And as for Sam or Ella or indeed any of the others I can only remember the names of my hens because they all different (AND there are only three of them). I remember when my nan had a dozen hens and I could pick one at random and swear it was Maisie or Jenny or whatever I called my little brown hen at the time. My sister got it right. She picked the only white one of the brood as her personal egg layer LOL. Thanks so much for the write-up. It has been a wonderful year and I just need time to concentrate on the book and find a new publisher, so wish me luck as I start touting it around sometime after Easter. At least I've only got about 20% to go so nearly there. Promise I'll be back between chapters :-D