25 March, 2009

I've been had, and other thoughts on life this week

Lottie is currently bouncing around upstairs, no doubt making an unholy mess of the bedroom that I spent an hour or so tidying (aka shoving small plastic "toys" anywhere I could) yesterday. It's 10.20 on a Wednesday morning and at 8.40 she was sick so no school for her today. She looked pale and wan for the next 30 minutes or so but has made a dramatic recovery, and now requires relatively constant attention and entertainment. It's not her fault. She's really not old enough to fake it yet. But it does rather cramp my activities for the day.

Mind you, as we're off for a long weekend in Amsterdam the day after tomorrow I'm glad we haven't been hit by a sick bug. Tom's there at the moment, at a conference, so we thought we'd take advantage and have booked a houseboat for four nights. E's PE teacher told her Amsterdam was "wicked" but I suspect he may have slightly different interests to my 6 year old. Still I'm looking forward to my first non-working visit to the city. Previously I've spent a bit too much time in the RAI conference centre surrounded by computing books and scientists, and not enough in the city itself. I did once go to a drinks evening in the room with the Night Watch, and spent my time looking at the fabulous pictures instead of schmoozing which is what I should have been doing.

Last Sunday was Mother's Day, not that you'd notice as we had to rush off to Cardiff airport to send Tom on his way. I did get some lovely presents including a beautiful pray (as E calls them) which has confirmed that I am a housewife. At least she likes the food.

After the airport, we headed off for the seaside. After several mis-turns - the signposting near Cardiff is abominable - we finally found the sea front at Penarth which was lovely. It's clearly a popular spot for breakfast, so we stopped for our second one - the children had waffles with chocolate sauce and I rather wish I had too. The weather was glorious, there were people but not crowds. There's a lovely small pier, a few cafes and a long stony and sandy beach overlooking the Bristol Channel.

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