06 November, 2009

Adjusting - different speeds

I think it is going to take quite a while before I start thinking of San Francisco as home. I know I was still calling London home a year and a half after we moved to Wales. The children however are settling down very fast. Yesterday afternoon, after yet another admin headache moment, I exclaimed "I want to go home" and they answered in unison "You are home". We've been here six days. Later in the evening they started a game which involved paying tolls on the Golden Gate bridge which they've been over once, and the Bay Bridge which they haven't been on at all. Emilia is already talking about butts and trying out the word tomayto. At this rate I shall have two small Californians by Christmas.


brandy zadrozny said...

I feel you. I just moved to Vermont from New York City. I've been here for a month and I'm wondering if it will ever feel like home.

Doug Cutting said...

It won't feel like home here until you go back to the UK.