06 November, 2009

A big day

Also a very very wet day. More like being in a cloud than being rained on. I was soaked especially as I only have a lightweight not very rainproof coat and no umbrella. And I met my first rude San Franciscan which is noteworthy as so many other people have proved so friendly and kind. This particular individual took it upon herself to comment on the outrageously wet state of me, at length as if I could do something about it.

Anyway, moving on. Much has been achieved today. I've booked the girls in for an appointment for a health check which is a necessary step towards enrolling them in school. This particular practice (no idea if that's the US term but I'm going with it) was recommended by the tour leader at the school we visited yesterday. We're paying a one-off fee as we haven't yet been accepted by the company's health insurance having only just applied and to be honest I want it done quick and with minimum hassle. I won't tell you how much but suffice to say for a Brit who's never paid before in her life for a doctor it's a lot but it probably isn't as much as it could be. I'm sure I could work the system in some more financially sensible way and possibly claim back retrospectively or something but frankly I'm tired, and not ready for this. The doctors' surgery was where I met another friendly San Franciscan who overheard me say I was from the UK and has offered to decipher the US healthcare system for me. I will almost certainly be taking her up on it - plus she was very nice and used to live in a nearby part of London to my neck of the woods. Got to start somewhere with the friend-making process!

After that, the girls and I had a peaceful coffee and cake in Martha & Bros on Church Street in Noe Valley (great coffee, lovely cakes) where we met our next lovely San Franciscan - and this may sound strange but was genuine, honest - who gave the girls two small soft toys he had spare. Sweet.

Meanwhile, Tom picked the short straw and got to visit the Social Security Office (quite quick today) after having picked up two rather fabulous new phones. As I said, we were using horse and cart phones so neither of us is really sure quite how fab these phones are - abnormally so or run of the mill, who can tell. We're a bit like medieval peasants presented with a Ferrari - we're in awe. And did I mention mine is pink? Subtly so, but still pink.

After that, he visited the property agent and was told we were accepted as tenants, so we have paid the deposit and first month's rent and are picking up the keys tomorrow! We did have our first hitch which is that the school which we were told on Tuesday had two places for the girls, now only has room for our seven-year-old. And we had really liked it and it was convenient for us. But no rush. We can wait and judging by the list of schools Tom got from the SFUSD available places change quickly so once we are settled, we should be able to move fast to get what we want.

Right now we have to think about furniture and crockery and cutlery and curtains and and and.

IKEA here we come.


Garden Girl said...

So which phones did you get? Did you 'win' or did you get the 'geek phone' (which is also very cool, honest! My cousin had one and had the skymap option uploaded... we were fascinated...)

Eliane said...

I got the Droid Eris which is very cool, the geek phone and a rather fetching pink. I have no idea how to use it and the children have discovered a game they like so won't let me have it back!