06 November, 2009

The apartment

Oh sorry, did you want to know about the apartment?

In brief, it is in Noe Valley, on the top floor of a three story building up an inordinate number of stairs so the views are amazing. It has hardwood floors - de rigueur I gather for SF, lots of light, an eat-in kitchen which opens onto a deck, two reasonably sized bedrooms and a large sitting room. Oh and a shower room and a bathroom and very importantly the washer and dryer are in the flat.

It is a couple of blocks from the majority of the shops and the location of the weekly Farmers Market, one block from the tram (what do they call that thing - to me it's a tram), a few blocks from the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit which is more like Paris's RER than the London Underground) and five minutes to the freeway south for Tom. In other words, it is ideal. Now we just need a good school we don't have to drive across town to, and we're all set as they say here.


Soilman said...

All sounds very exciting! I wish I were living somewhere as exotic as SF. I do hope you're settling in and beginning to feel you belong there.

Suzanne@ Panteg Alpacas said...

told you it was wet ! LOL

Don said...

Wow! I go away for a few months and you leave Wales for SF! It may be hard to have chickens on the third floor!

You picked a nice place to live.