16 August, 2010

Going to the beach American style

We know about surfing. Seen that at the movies. And obviously instead of cricket and football, people play baseball and American football. But it's all the other stuff they bring.

We went off to Stinson beach north of San Francisco on Saturday. We took a rug, a picnic and one towel to share... how very frugally British of us. We also forgot to put suncream on until too late, so came back a bit pink. Also typically British. Meanwhile our neighbours on the beach brought parasols, chairs, camp beds and sleeping bags, and even gazebos.

But the most inexplicable activity they prepare for is the compulsive digging of enormous holes. I'm not talking about small children with small spades/shovels and a tiny bucket. No, I'm talking about enormous garden or construction site worthy shovels being used to dig to New Zealand. One bloke (see below) not a child - young but definitely not a child - spent the entire time we were at the beach - that's four hours - digging one very very large hole with a tunnel/wall bit in the middle. His hole was undoubtedly the most impressive but all along the beach others (all men, oddly or not so oddly) were busy digging.

For heaven's sake America. What is wrong with sandcastles?


bopper pye said...

hi eliane

just fyi, not all americans dig humongous holes while at the beach!

Garden Girl said...

Also, fyi, my non-American family always dug holes (ok, not as big as that guy's, but still holes vs sandcastles) when we went to the beach.

We dug them deep enough so they would fill with water, and as kids they were sold to us as 'swimming pools'. Since we couldn't go in the water without an adult that was cool with us.

I do it with my kids now... it keeps them busy, as would a sandcastle, but you can't sit in a sandcastle when you're done! And it means we don't have to be in the water with the kids all the time, but they can still be in the water. Ish.

Ok, odd, but kind of understandable, no?