12 December, 2010

Putting my daughter on the stage (Mrs Worthington)

You never can tell with children. You produce a sweet-natured rather shy girl who takes ages to learn to walk and bless her cotton socks, she wants to do ballet and then perform in shows. Which turn out to be shows at proper theatres with actual lights shining on the stage and at least 300 people in the audience.

Today was the BIG DAY. That is after Thursday evening and Friday afternoon which were the school show and involved singing. I don't think her heart is in the singing. Certainly her voice wasn't as much as other children's. But I'm the nervous mother who watches waiting for her to dissolve into tears or bolt or freeze and she didn't do any of those.

Anyway today. Today was the Revolutionary Nutcracker Sweetie from Mission Dance. A very Mission affair, with burritos being eaten during the interval, Native American dances, messages about global warming and cries of "The Workers United Will Never Be Defeated" from the Sugar Plum Fairy. And my gorgeous six year old was a Bon Bon in a box and then out of the box skipping and jumping and pirouetting and then back in the box. All in the space of about 5 minutes.

We had a wonderful time watching the whole show. More importantly she had a wonderful time. So wonderful that when it came to leave the theatre, she burst into floods and was inconsolable. Then she had a tantrum when the ice cream wasn't what was expected or wanted. Maria Callas eat your heart out. I have my own diva.

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