05 April, 2011

Some things I've seen

  • An enormous ad for Guns complete with toothsome busty blonde carrying a machine gun, in Las Vegas airport.
  • A bookshop with a special section for the Latter Day Saints but it also sold Harry Potter and the Dark Materials Trilogy, in St George.
  • A 50 something man wearing a belt declaring he was a redneck - also in St George.
  • An American flag planted next to the owner's RV. I don't know another nation containing citizens so compelled to proclaim their nationality even when they're in their own country.
  • A large party of teenagers led by two grey-haired ladies. All of the females whatever their age, had their hair in complex and fearsomely tidy French pleats. And they were wearing almost identical conservative cotton shirt-waisters. Scary!
  • Signs on the Park Visitors Centres and lodges saying "No food, drink, pets, weapons". Doesn't matter how long I live here or will live here, I'll always think that it's awful it even needs saying.

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Alison said...

I'm loving reading all this! :D