05 April, 2011

Things I like about the RV

It's cold outside but I'm not. (Hurray for heating.)

We don't have to pack again until our last night.

You can stop by the side of the road and make your own espresso (well you can if, like us, you brought your own coffee pot).

No getting dressed to go to the loo in the morning.

The bed is so much more comfortable than a mat on the ground, even if I do worry about turning on the kitchen tap in my sleep (with my feet - bed is not meant for 6 footers).

We walked past lots of tents last night. And there's no doubt that tent camping is much cooler than caravanning unless you have a VW camper van or one of those rounded 50s shiny airstream things. But it may snow today so I don't mind that we're at the over 50s, satellite dish all mod cons uncool end of the site.

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