04 April, 2012

Portland - so far mostly books

We arrived yesterday in Portland to find that we are staying in a cross between Twin Peaks, SF and Ironbridge, Shropshire: Twin Peaks because it is very steep and high here with amazing views over the city and of Mount Hood (if it would just emerge from the clouds), and Ironbridge because there are hairpin bends and narrow lanes and lots of parked cars.

Today, Tom worked and I took the girls downtown in the car as it was pouring. First stop, Powell's City of Books - a huge huge huge bookshop selling new and used books on every conceivable topic. We spent a happy hour or so in the children's section with promises to return which we did this evening. Millie says it's her favourite place in the world (!) and Tom liked the technical section especially because it had 3 copies of his own book there, and he found a book on the Riemann hypothesis to pass the time (!?!). I suspect two visits in 5 days will still not prove enough.

We also found the lot's worth of food trucks between 9th and 10th Avenues. So much choice and we still ended up with hot dogs (will Lottie's addiction never end?). Admittedly they were very good German Bratwurst with garlicky onions, but still. It was raining pretty hard at this point so we ate quickly, cleaned up as best we could and headed to a lovely yarn shop called Knit Purl.

Portland's blocks and streets are smaller than SF's, plus there aren't any hills around downtown so everything is slightly less tiring about a shopping trip. No idea why we're shopping. We're heading up to Seattle in a couple of days, with an already full car. So buying several books, some yarn, needles and some paper for art projects. Hmmm.

So that was today. Pottering, shopping, eating out. Looking forward to more with better weather in the next couple of days, too.

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