03 April, 2012

Random thoughts on the road trip so far

  • Somehow, we need to persuade the USA that electric kettles are a good idea. Been gasping for a cup of tea for days. 
  • The coffee supplied free in motel bedrooms is supplied free for a reason. And after a diet of Ritual Roasters, Blue Bottle or Four Barrel... Thank God for our emergency supply of beans and the coffee grinder.
  • Cheap motels are like RV parks. There is a community of people who live in these places and we are just passing through, intersecting briefly with them. I was struck by this when we did our Utah - Grand Canyon trip last year. It's all a bit Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore. What jobs are they doing? Where are they from? Where are they going? One young woman after commenting sweetly about my accent, gave us a homemade ornament made from sand dollars. I think I may have exchanged 10 words with her, but I said thank you and somehow fitted it into our car. I suppose we were exotic. A British family is an unusual sighting in Crescent City. 
  • If in doubt about where to have lunch, choose a diner and have breakfast. 
  • There are quite a lot of sheep in Oregon. 
  • Also rain. Quite a lot of rain.
The Umpqua river. Beautiful even in the rain.


RRRROSI said...

Ritual learned to roast their awesome coffee from Stumptown, in Portland, so load up some more while you're there!

Eliane said...