16 July, 2012

And the car has gone

Actually we sold it over a week ago. And now this is all that's left:

Yes, California's Department of Motor Vehicles allows you to keep the plates if you sell the car out of state. So happy to have this souvenir - these are going home with us for a special place on our wall in wherever our new home will be.

The sale of the car was a small saga of stress. You wouldn't believe how lousy parking in Brooklyn is unless you actually live here. Twice weekly street cleaning, major roadworks which are going on until 2013, lots and lots of cars, narrow Londonish streets but wide American cars. We had the car cleaned which took a long time - 7372 miles worth of sticky dead insects and other debris to remove. And then someone smashed our wing mirror in the two hours between my parking the car and Tom going to take pictures. So that was a bit more money and another hassle to find a garage to fix it and so on.

And then we posted to Craigslist which elicited no responses so we lowered the price and still nothing. Then Tom took the car to a couple of dealers who offered not a lot but I guess enough. And thankfully last of all, we got a call from someone who was interested and offered a bit more.

Huge gratitude from me to (wonderful) Tom as he did practically everything and took on pretty much all the stress of it.

And now we are carless which is the best way to be in New York.

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Anonymous said...

lucky you. this is a beautiful number for a keepsake.
enjoy your last month in the US.