01 July, 2012

Where are we?

I think I may have to take up creating personalized holidays or something. Because seriously, I am good at this. Or lucky, or something. I have found some fantastic places to stay. And this apartment in Brooklyn is no exception. Actually the apartment is small, comfortable and thankfully has both air conditioning and a garden. But it's not glam or anything. In this case it's all about location.

We are staying just north of McCarren Park in Greenpoint on the edge of Williamsburg. It's the first city  since SF, we've stayed in where we've been able to shop at local grocers and have no clue where the nearest supermarket is. Our neighbourhood is a mixture of Polish and hip, which reminded me of Hackney where we used to live in London. We are close to the subway, restaurants, a park, boutiques, pretty much anything you want. And people. Very close to lots of people. In the streets. In their neighbouring apartments. On the subway. It's the first city I've been to in the US where you think "now this is a city." It is huge and dirty and busy and diverse and noisy and smelly and alive and exciting. People do not say hello to you in the street. They don't even smile if you do something nice like hold a door for them or make space or something. I don't mind. Reminds me of London. And I love it.

Although, I can definitely see why I left London eventually and that there will be a certain amount of relief to get back to our quiet Welsh valley.

In the meantime, we are living in Brooklyn, visiting or in Tom's case working in Manhattan, and feeling very lucky.

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