04 September, 2012

It takes time ... (back to earth with a bump)

Today is the first day of school. The whole family went and it was good to see familiar teachers, parents and children. And then I went to Waitrose in our new car for groceries. And I wandered around Abergavenny looking for odds and ends that we need. There are lots of odds and ends that we don't have.

And so here we are. Normal life. Well as normal as it can be given that we don't yet have a permanent home. And it's all rather exhausting. Moving is. And setting up home again is. And I knew it would be like this but I'd sort of blocked it out of my mind. It isn't as tiring and stressful as it was to move to San Francisco. Of course that was also very exciting in the way that "abroad" and "new" are but it was also confusing and worrying sometimes and it took us months to find our feet which my mind is conveniently forgetting at the moment. All I'm remembering right now are my friends, and the school I knew backwards, and Mission Pie and burritos and hearing Spanish and Chinese all over the place.

So yes. Feeling a little "homesick". But then I always felt a little homesick in California too.

So I have to hold on to the lovely good things about being here - family, friends, beautiful beautiful Wales, country life (trying to catch chickens seems to loom large at present) - and forget all the ploddy, setting things up side of stuff, and working out what I will do here.

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