17 September, 2012

Settling in while unsettled

I am in a strange phase of this move. The girls have just started their third week at school and so far things are going well. The girls were a little nervous but came home very confident and happy on the first day, and continue to do so. And so far they seem to be finding work well within their abilities ("easy-peasy!") and making friends is going well too. Lottie has had at least three invitations to parties and Millie has a sleepover coming up.

Tom continues to work remotely and has a routine of sorts involving regular meetings with his colleagues in California slightly but not extremely after hours. He's booked his first trip back for work too, which he's looking forward to because not only will he see his mates at work but also will be staying with and seeing our good friends in San Francisco.

And meanwhile, I still have no permanent home. We finally got into our container - it had rusted up over the last two years so needed the help of a welder to get back in. But we have nowhere yet to put things and there's still a lot we need to buy - towels, duvets, mattresses, plates, wine glasses.

I am trying really hard to live by the following rules:


But don't feel sorry for me. We are having a great time living next door to our friends. The children treat the cottage and house as one large house to rampage around or as smallest friend said yesterday "have a shouty time". The adults get to share a cup of tea, glass of wine, the school run, dishwasher tablets or bin liners.

So it's all good but I am still in limbo.

*Found this at the Renegrade Craft Fair in San Francisco - you can get one for yourself from theheated

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