28 January, 2008

Progress of a sort

As promised here is the plot's current appearance.

Tom's frames look good don't they? I've sifted the one at the top of the picture and am starting on the second one. And today I also started removing yet more stones and rocks from the top dug over area which will be the third framed bed. I now have a very cold bottom as I don't have a cushion to sit on. My grandmother would NOT approve - she had one of those nifty kneeling stool things as well as waterproof cushions.

I'm beginning to think that Tom and I are taking the whole "digging over deeply for all the rocks we can find" a bit too seriously. After all, if we top up to the level of the wood with lots of muck and topsoil then most vegetables will have about a foot's depth of good sifted soil to grow in. I suspect that our main problem is going to be the couch grass which is endemic and I won't use weedkiller whatever cousin Jack says. My mother would have a fit if she found out - she's super-organic, recycling Friends of the Earth queen of her bit of Hampshire.

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