27 January, 2008

We dig dig dig the whole day through

And we really did. What a glorious day to be out in the garden grubbing up couch grass and digging up rocks. Today produced some whoppers. The beds are starting to come together though. Tom dug big rocks. I dealt with the smaller ones, the grit and the couch grass roots using a sieve some of the time. The children bounced most of the day on the trampoline at the bottom of the garden. We definitely need some topsoil as once we'd taken out the rocks the level sank by about six inches. And anyway raised beds when the ground is this stony is really the way to go. Fortunately we can share a trailer-load with our neighbours who are also digging rocks. I promise you a photograph of the two beds currently in situ. It's starting to look quite good! Leastways I think so. Mind you I'm convinced we won't have enough space for everything I've bought to plant. So we shall be dig dig digging for a few days/weeks to come.

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