19 January, 2008

Rocks out, plants in

One blackcurrant bush and one gooseberry bush have now been planted in holes that yielded buckets and buckets of rocks. Hopefully they will be all right. I bunged in loads of compost and sifted through the soil.

And yes they are surrounded by yet more couch grass. What do you want me to do?

Plot currently has turned from this:

to this:

As you can see a work in progress. Wood frames are being constructed by Tom to go around the beds and I think I shall then dig over around them and put down that black matting to repress the weeds. Hopefully eventually the surrounding part will be planted with turf. At the moment it's all a bit of a mess and the constant rain isn't helping. The soil however, looks pretty good - free-draining, sandy but not too light. All the rocks however mean a rotavator is out of the question and it just has to be a long hard gradual slog. Here is my current pile:

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