26 January, 2008

No dig

Yesterday was a good day to dig. Clear. Been dry for a couple of days - which seems like some kind of climate anomaly these days (I know it's supposed to be wet in Wales but this is ridiculous). But I was just too tired after lugging the week's fruit and veg supply and Charlotte from the market to the car. So instead I did this:

On the left, broad beans. These are Witkiem and I will be planting some directly outside next month but thought I'd try these out too. Frankly I bought so many seeds that I can afford to be a bit cavalier with them, especially given the rate at which beds are not being dug.

On the right, tomatoes. Three types. They are Lylia Cerisette, a small moreish tomato according to its description, Marmande Super, a big tomato for salads etc, and Brandywine, a very big, very oldfashioned and apparently very delicious tomato that is pinkish when ripe. I'm still waiting for my San Marzano seeds to produce plum tomatoes for bottling.

Fortunately I have large windowsills as I think they are going to get a bit crowded.

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