16 May, 2008

No added aqua

I've been thinking a lot about waste lately, partly prompted by The Rubbish Diet. Anyway, my thoughts went along the lines of while it's good to recycle, it's much better not to have the waste in the first place. So my latest initiative is to buy soap and not gel - no plastic bottles you see. And going one step further, I now have solid shampoo. I did once buy this from Cosmetics to Go which was a hippyish company trading out of Poole. Lush is basically the same company relaunched and now hugely successful on a global basis after a somewhat chequered CTG business past.

Back to the shampoo. The idea is simple - it's a bar of shampoo. After all liquid shampoo and shower gel is basically the solid stuff with lots of "aqua" or water added. It arrived with no extra packaging at all, not even a wrapper, in a cardboard box with popcorn which is in the compost. You rub said bar over your head and it lathers up a treat. Takes much longer to use up than a bottle of shampoo, takes up much less space, and there is no waste. I also bought soap to take the place of the shower gel and solid conditioner. Other people do solid shampoo - google it - but I'm surprised that the larger manufacturers haven't cottoned on yet. In these days of the green consumer you would think it would catch on. It should.

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G said...

Mmmmm! This is so encouraging - I'm going to find some here in Canada. Thanks for the link to the Rubbish Diet.