25 July, 2008

Farmers' Market

Thursday was the day for Abergavenny's Farmers' Market. It's held twice monthly (up from monthly) in the market hall in the centre of town. I always manage to spend far too much. This time I bought some soft fruit for picnic and puddings. The fruit and veg looked lovely and the lady on the stall was very helpful with advice about my garlic.

I then headed over to the Indian pickle stall (KK Ventures, Ross on Wye) and bought a pot of garlic pickle and a pot of aubergine pickle. These are superb. Really really wonderful.

Next I headed over to one of my favourite stalls, The Olive Bar. Tubs and tubs of olives, hummus, tapenade, peppers stuffed with feta, artichoke hearts and so on. This is where I go mad. The children gobble up the olives but luckily don't like the tapenade or the marinaded mushrooms.

It's a pretty good market all in all. Lots of meat stalls, though I have to admit I buy mine from my local butchers and am not so tempted by the plastic wrapped variety. I know they have to for H&S reasons but it just doesn't look as appetising sitting shrinkwrapped in its own juices. There was no cheese this time which was a shame but I suspect the Royal Welsh may have taken some of the suppliers. A few fruit and veg stalls, a nice bakers and several stalls selling goodies like chutney, honey and so on. Not a bad market though I suspect it would do much better on a Saturday.

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