25 July, 2008


I haven't really mentioned these. I've been busy eating them, just not blogging about them. Here is the latest offering from the garden.

And rather surprisingly for me at least, they turned out to be Charlotte potatoes. Digging potatoes up is always exciting. Oh all right, digging potatoes up is always exciting for me. But today (yes, yes, I should get out more) I was very excited because I love Charlotte potatoes, but I thought we'd eaten them all, having lost track of what was in the last trench at the top of the garden.

To recap, I put in Orla, an early potato. All gone now. They weren't terribly productive. They tasted good but not as good as the Charlottes. So I'm not sure I'll put them in again.

Then I had Ambo, an early maincrop. These have lovely pinkish skins when they first emerge though not after cooking. They were more productive and some of the potatoes were huge. Good flavour too. A possible for next year.

The Charlottes were fantastic. I do love a waxy salad potato and will fill my beds with these next year.

Last up are the Desiree and Arran Victory. Maincrop, so not dug up yet. We shall see. Which is all part of the fun.

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Anonymous said...

I love Charlottes too, they are the one spud I am not prepared to share.