30 October, 2008


It is cold. And I have a lingering cold. And the whole no central heating malarkey is seeming fool-hardy. I was told by the Met Office or someone that this would be a warm winter. And yet. Yesterday a small town in Wales had its coldest October day ever on record. It wasn't Crickhowell but it certainly felt like it, particularly because for most of the day we had holes not windows. Now we have double-glazed low e windows which look great but it's still bloody cold and my sinuses hurt.

But I haven't given in on the heating yet. Oh no. Tom is grumbling but as he's buggering off to New Orleans and San Francisco for two weeks (average temperatures in the teens or 50s to 60s), I don't care. I'm going to have to sleep alone with only a small hot water bottle and my possum socks from New Zealand (thanks Sam!) to keep me warm. And he will be in the Jazz capital of the world, eating gumbo.

One thing is really troubling me. I have lost my hat.

This one:

An essential part of my winter wardrobe and I think rather fetching. I have hunted high and low and am going to have to carry on doing so because I can't manage without it. I was thinking the other day as I marched up the field to open the chicken run, that I spend much more time outside in the cold than I ever used to in London. Now I have to do things that involve wellingtons, hats, gardening gloves and so on. And being outside in the cold. Mission for tomorrow morning. Find the hat.


Suzanne@ Panteg Alpacas said...

I don't know who told you it was going to be a mild winter ! It is destined to be one of the coldest for many years , and let me assure you that cold in Crickhowell is bitter ! So FIND YOUR HAT .Suzanne

Eliane said...

Spurred on by your warning, I found my hat! But the Met Office are still saying it will be warmer and drier than average though not as mild as last year. But then, what do they know!

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Know just what you mean about spending more time outside. I also have taken to wearing what I would have regarded as outside clothes, inside. From end September onwards I usually wear one fleece when in the house and another one on top when outside. Not stylish but very functional.
Mind you we turned the heating on yesterday. Still chilly here by most people's standards but blissfully warmer than the day before by mine.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I have a cold too which is no fun. I am thinking your no central heating resolution really does need the hat!