15 January, 2009

Chicken update

I just haven't had time to sort out the chicken problem. I think however that it may be sorting itself out. Today was a horrible rainy day but I got 5 eggs from the nesting box and the Marans seem marginally less bossy and territorial. So thank you to all who gave useful advice. I may implement some later but right now I am hoping that life is settling down.

And the eggs are lovely. Just look at the colour of this scrambled eggs (today's lunch).


Lee said...

I'd better not show that photo to my son - he'd be salivating at that!

Anonymous said...

Ours have just started laying again; so nice after a six-week break! Our trouble at the moment is that Liquorice, one of our two Barnevelders, is being territorial about, well, everything; I'd thought previously that she was a big ol' softy - that was my first mistake. Then I thought that Pepper, our rooster, would keep them all in line - that was my second!

Marmalade looks fab, btw - I made some the year before last using Delia Smith's recipe, and you're quite right: it really is worth making rather than buying. Fortunately, I got quite carried away, so we are still eating up that batch - it's just as well it keeps...