14 January, 2009

Christmas Pudding: a tale of food snobbery

I live near Abergavenny which manages to have a lovely and well known food festival every year while failing to have a fishmonger, decent baker, good greengrocer and until recently it didn't have a deli. So when just around the time of the festival a new deli opened, local foodies (and my family makes up a large proportion of that group) rejoiced. It looks nice but I'll admit I rarely go in. It's just a bit too clinical looking with lots of expensive packaged pastas and salad dressings. However, just before Christmas, I thought I'd take myself there to check out their Christmas pudding selection.

No Christmas puddings on display. And when I asked I was told that the owner who was a connoisseur of Christmas puddings had tasted those on offer and decided that none were good enough to sell in his shop. So I spent a considerable sum at Waitrose on what I and my guests thought was a lovely pudding (from Carved Angel btw). This is not the way to beat the recession, Mr Deli Owner. All you get is a warm feeling that somehow you haven't let your shop down. Waitrose got my dosh.


Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Perhaps you should offer to make some for him next year? I am sure you could. I always make ours and it is time consuming but pretty straightforward. think he was off the mark anyway. There are some good puddings out there, but not perhaps quite as good as homemade.

Suzanne@ Panteg Alpacas said...

Don't even know where the deli is , so he stood no chance with me ! Anyway Waitrose always get my vote if I don't have time to do it myself - Eliane I'm suprised at you ! LOL

Lee said...

Nothing is as good as homemade - but I wonder if homemade would sell? People these days seem to expect everything to be sugary-sweet and factory-tasting.

I mean, an example is my mother's fruit mince pies. She's been making them forever, and I love them.

But they're nowhere near as sweet as the shop ones, and although I think they're better, I'd bet if she tried to sell them in a shop, they wouldn't be sugary enough to sell.

As it is, the shop bought ones are so sweet they set my teeth on edge.

I think I'll be making my own Christmas pudding this year.

Yikes! I can't believe I'm starting to plan Christmas! And it's January!

I hope you had a lovely one!