09 January, 2009

The last straw

Or should I say pom pom.

It's been one of those weeks. There I was anticipating time to myself after a busy child-filled Christmas. But no. Smaller daughter started school nursery this week but only for what felt like a minute or two in the morning. And on Thursday morning, taller daughter came down with something, which meant I had two at home most of the time and one ill one (i.e. bored and cross) all the time. So no cleaning, tidying, gardening, chicken management (and as we know, they do need managing right now) and no pottering.

And then, just as Tom had arrived for a very brief dinner en famille, smaller daughter turned round and said "I've done something stupid with a pom pom and it's up my nose". Well at least she was self aware to know she was a prat. Cue mad rushing around to find tweezers while shouting at small child not to breathe through her nose. And then mad rushing next door when tweezers were not forthcoming. Ever turned up on your neighbours' doorstep to ask for tweezers to extract a pom pom from your child's nose? Thought not. Extraction was easy, pom pom was larger than expected and child was surprisingly untraumatised. Parents may not have been quite so calm. Oh and by the way, if you meet said small child any time soon, DON'T MENTION IT. I told her I'd keep it in the family so clearly shouldn't be blogging about it, but it's been one of those weeks.


Oanh said...

Oh dear!

When I was a little girl, my father had a jasmine plant that I liked the smell of so much I sniffed a flower into my nose. My older sister, when she had been the same age as I was, had done the same thing. After safely extracing the flower (I don't know how. Not with tweezers, I'll bet), Dad burnt the plant down.

Any pom poms you can cermeoniously torch?

Happy 2009, btw! I hope it's good to you & family & chickens.

Doug Cutting said...

A doctor friend told me that a good way to remove objects kid's put in their noses is to pinch the other nostril, cover their mouth with yours, and blow. For sanitary reasons, doctors themselves cannot use this technique and must poke painful devices up there, but prefer that parents try this first. YMMV.

Eliane said...

Doug, hadn't thought of that. I can see it would work and would be better than putting the tweezers up, although I'm pretty sure it would have freaked her out more than the tweezers did. In the end it wasn't that much of a drama and I'm really really hoping that this is the end of objects in orifices.

(had to look up YMMV...)