25 February, 2009

I made pancakes!

This is usually Tom's province as I have never mastered flipping and often burn them. But Tom is in San Francisco and yesterday was Shrove Tuesday. So under pressure from two small and determined girls, I attempted pancakes and I'm pleased to say I did it, thanks largely to Jill Norman and the New Penguin Cookery Book. In fact I did so well, I wish I'd made more batter. I won't include a recipe - this is pretty basic and there wasn't anything fancy about them. The useful tip was to use sunflower oil and not butter to fry them as it burns less easily. And I still didn't attempt flipping - fish slice and palette knife were deployed instead.


Almost Mrs Average said...

How I wish I could say the same. I made something, but I don't think they were pancakes :-D

Eliane said...

I did see your post. To be honest, I was amazed at my success.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I am with you on the interaction of gardening and chickens! My lovely kitchen garden is beginning to sprout a rather vivid orange netting as I try to chicken proof my beds. Might not look gorgeous but it seems to work.