31 March, 2009

Home again

So now I can hear sheep outside rather than trams or ducks. We stayed on a houseboat in Amsterdam booked through Loving Amsterdam - fear not, they also do Loving Prague, Barcelona and so on so it's not about the red light district. It cost about the same as a family room in a reasonable hotel but was much much better. I think the kids would have gone stir crazy in a hotel and all the meals out would have exhausted our appetites and our purse. This way we had the space - two bedrooms, large living area - and luckily for Tom a wifi connection which meant he could focus on the book for half the day and all the evening. Oh and I got to blog while away. I'm just annoyed I forgot the cable for the camera - I've added pictures to the posts I did while away.


Elizabeth Musgrave said...

One of the reasons for going away is to notice the pleasure in coming home. Welcome back.

Veronica said...

Welcome back - all your posts on Amsterdam have inspired us to get over there this year and will definitely go the houseboat route - excellent idea, thank you! Warm wishes, Vxx