05 March, 2009

This year, a more relaxed approach to gardening

Last year, I had schedules down to the day of what I was to plant when and where. I think this was partly because I'd never tackled anything like growing veg before and partly because I needed to focus my mind on anything but my grief.

This year, my usual relaxed last minute downright lazy approach to life has resurfaced. And as a result I'm rather behind things when it comes to sowing my seeds. How did it get to be March this quickly? I've only just sown my tomato seeds (four types: Brandywine, Marmande, San Marzano and Gardener's Delight), some peppers (two sweet and one hottish because I'm a wimp), some basil, the aubergines (yup, trying again despite abject failure last year) and some sweet marjoram. This weekend we're putting up the polytunnel, weather allowing, which should mean that the salads and some peas and maybe some calabrese also get sown.

I suspect however that gardening is one of those things where you can be deeply organised (like last year) and it'll all go horribly wrong because of the weather or something (like last year and the no sun lots of rain summer we had). And I'm hoping that that also means that a flying by the seat of her pants approach can also work on occasion - viz this year. We shall see.

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Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I haven't sown much at all yet. It is a bit cold and I have found that things catch up at great speed when it gets warmer and sulk madly while it is cold, that's my excuse.