05 April, 2009

Bliss in a shop

Unfortunately or may be fortunately or then again may be unfortunately, the shop is in Amsterdam. It's called Copenhagen Kralen and it looks like this:

Actually I should have taken more pictures, but I get shy and in this case sidetracked. There is row upon row of jar upon jar of beads in every possible shape, size, colour and price. I like beads and recently rediscovered the childhood hobby of beadweaving, so bought a bit. Not that much. And some for the girls.

Sometimes I think I like the raw materials of these crafts better than the made-up objects. It could be because things somehow never come out how I expected. Or just that they seem so entirely full of potential when still raw. Hanks of wool and unused stationery has the same effect on me.


mountainear said...

Couldn't agree more - beautiful raw materials. I'm never sure what I'm going to do with them but know that if I only have them, well, anything is possible.

...I get very excited looking at the towel display in John Lewis too...and love paper clips...and marbles. And all sorts of hens. Time to shut up I think.

Nicki said...

Now I know you are an alien....what have you done to Elaine? Beadweaving......I'm feeling a bit faint!

Eliane said...

Ha! And who, Nicki, is Elaine???

Veronica said...

Lovely shop and I too have trouble with staying out of shops like it so it certainly is A Good Thing that it is So Far Away... But it sounds like you had a fantastic time in Amsterdam. Warm wishes Vxx