21 April, 2009

Chickens various

Sunday's collection featured these eggs. Check out the one on the left - enormous! Not sure who laid it, though a Maran looks most likely.

Meanwhile, Mrs Difficult Maran has gone "hedge" again (phrase courtesy of E). And a different hedge. Fortunately I caught her looking shifty near our fence earlier in the day, and then slightly later found the egg. A much more convenient spot so I'm hoping she'll stick at it this time. I still suspect a Black Rock of going hedge but she (and who knows which) is being a lot craftier and more discreet so I have no idea which chicken to watch, when or where.

And finally, here are Mavis, Gladys and Ethel, the Black Rocks, having a fine old time at the bottom of a conifer in my garden.


mountainear said...

Happy hens. Mine are bathing just as happily.

I'm wincing at the mega-egg. Double yolker do you think?

Garden Girl said...

What a lovely colour those eggs are. Almost like a chocolate Easter Egg...

And although the chickens look very happy it makes me glad I am not a chicken. Glad I don't enjoy covering myself in dust!

Don said...

I have a few aracaunas going hedge. I hate not being able to find eggs!! They are doing a great job of hiding them. I have read that if you keep them cooped up for about 10 days, they will get used to laying in the nestboxes.

Eliane said...

My problem now is that the crows have worked out where the chickens lay their eggs so it's a race to get to the eggs.

My friend Suzanne calls it confining to barracks and yes they do go back to laying in the nesting boxes so it is worth doing. I may have to have another go at mine soon though most are behaving themselves.