21 April, 2009


I planted rhubarb last year and it's come up beautifully. Here are the first few stalks I picked.

I made a fool with it and there are no pictures because we ate it all up. Very simple recipe:

Cut up rhubarb into inch long pieces and put into a ceramic baking dish, sprinkle with adequate sugar (you'll have to guess this bit but it's probably best to start with less and sweeten later if needed), and orange juice. Cover dish with foil and pop into medium oven (180 degrees C) for about 25 minutes. Do check as I forgot and the rhubarb was mushier than I might have wanted it.

Whip double cream - ratio of about 2/3 cream to rhubarb but it's your choice. Fold rhubarb into fool. Chill and eat. Lots.


Don said...

We love rhubarb, and don't grow enough of it. Your recipe sounds delicious. I have never heard of a "fool" before.

Eliane said...

Fools must be English then. They are such a simple pudding. Basically a fruit puree mixed with whipped cream. Some people make them with a half and half custard and cream mixture. I love fools, particular favourites are gooseberry and rhubarb, but blackcurrant is wonderful too, and apricot which you can make with soaked dried apricots. Really, they are so easy to make and so completely delicious. Try it.