30 June, 2009

Garden (and food) update

The garden has started producing food in quantity. Yesterday we had our first Charlotte potatoes which were as always delicious and slug free which is very gratifying. We also had broad beans which are currently producing lots, though it always seems so much more before you pod them. And lastly there was ruby chard and spinach wilted in yoghurt.

Meanwhile, the polytunnel has bolting lettuces galore - a bit warm in there now I think, and lots of healthy looking tomatoes with lots of flowers. However I discovered late last week that it is a trifle sterile in there so there aren't nearly as many tomatoes forming as I'd like to see. Now we're opening both doors during the day and I went round with a brush doing a bit of artificial fertilisation as well. Hopefully this will improve the crop.

Outside the courgettes are coming along and are flowering. So it shouldn't be too long before we're eating them. There are few things as magnificent as a large and healthy courgette plant.

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