29 June, 2009

One of our chickens is missing

It's either Sam or Ella, so a Maran and the bossy one. Head of the flock. And producer of the loveliest dark brown eggs. Also rather bad-tempered. She vanished some time on either Thursday or Friday and there is not a trace. Not even a satisfied and plump looking fox to give us a clue as to her fate. We do think a fox got her. We are being philosophical. The chickens have been a bit lost without her, so I'm wondering who will get promotion.


Suzanne@ Panteg Alpacas said...

sad to say , but if the fox is good you won't know that she's been had if that makes sense!

Garden Girl said...

Well, what a bummer. The silly old fox couldn't have taken one of the beta-chickens? The one with the gammy leg/ doesn't lay well/ not so pretty? Why THAT chicken???Really, it's quite inconvenient! Harumpf!