14 June, 2009

Unimpressed chickens

We have new neighbours. The field next to the barn now has two beautiful horses in it. Which means that the gates are shut and the chickens' fence is complete enough to keep the horses out of their area. The girls and I love looking at the horses. The chickens are much less enthusiastic. They do NOT want to go anywhere near that field. Which is tricky for the Marans in particular who are too large and fat to fly in any particularly efficient and guaranteed AtoB fashion, and who can't squeeze under the fence. So they have to go through the field. The others are slightly more mobile, but very jumpy. I just went out to give them some leftovers and the horses thought they'd wander over to say hello. Chickens couldn't decide between greed and fright. I am hopeful that this will all settle down and that the hens will get to bed. One Maran has sneaked in already. She was taking no chances at all and bolted for the bedroom. The other was still stuck in my garden trying to find a way through.

Off now to tuck them up. Which involves me climbing a fence and walking through a very overgrown and nettley field. And they think they've got problems. (Oh, that's not because I'm scared of the horses - it's just the only way into the chicken patch right now for someone my size which is much much larger than a Maran.)

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