29 June, 2009

Freebies/marketing: for the record

I had a shock to the system last week. I received an email from the people at Miele as follows:

Hi Eliane,

A Miele S7 vacuum cleaner is currently travelling around the UK; with house-proud individuals joining together to see how many miles of carpet they can clean between them.

We'll send you a top-of-the-range S7 to put through its paces, a luxurious red carpet to historically mark the URL and signature of all participants, and a pedometer so you can judge the exact amount of exercise that goes into your regular household chores. We’re up to 3km so far and with your help we can make it 4km.

After reading Faites Simple and seeing that you do the cleaning in your house and outside the house, chickens must be quite a handful I thought you would be interested in joining the campaign and providing some entertainment for your readers/community.

If you want to know more, just email, or call me on 07544 579 899.


I am clearly a housewife. I've been in denial for years. I say I'm not working at the moment, or that I stopped when I had the children or that I'm a cook and a gardener but not a housewife. This is partly because as I told Steph, if my house was married to me it would sue for divorce. I am a lousy housewife. I'm a good cook. And I like pottering about. But I'm not sure that I have that many regular household chores or maybe my idea of regular is roughly once a month, if you're lucky.

I am not right for this offer. In fact I'm rather horrified at the idea that hoovering is entertaining in any way whatsoever. Because it's really not, is it? It's monumentally dull. And getting this email sent me into a spin of introspection about life choices and what happened to my brain in the last seven years.

Anyway, moving on to this week. I have now had an email about sports apparel. And apparently having read my blog they think I might be interested. Did you notice the numerous references to sport in my blog? Nope. Nor did I. I am however relieved to see that marketing people don't actually read your blog and that I am not therefore houseproud and going to get excited about hoovering, because if that's my future, I just can't face it.

Why am I not getting offers from people who sell black truffles, or caviar, or really nifty kitchen gadgets or, well, you know, you get the picture. But no. A vacuum cleaner. Or sports apparel. Mind you, my policy would be the same, even if the offers were actually tempting. So for the record. I don't take freebies or support companies that I have not chosen to use of my own volition.


mountainear said...

I believe it's called viral marketing - for fairly obvious reasons when you think about it. Spreading the news about whatever product like a bad cold.

I share your feelings about being asked to blog about a vacuum cleaner - is this what life has come to? That said, bring on the 5 star hotels, Caribbean jaunts and best seats at the opera (Met. or ROH I really don't mind) and I'm your blogger.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Ah I got the sports apparel one too and had it down to my extreme walking (or marathon chip consumption). Still not interested but hoovering? Surely a joke?