16 October, 2009

I've never seen so many golf clubs

Today was day one of the move and our first destination after we'd collected the unfeasibly long transit van, was the dump in Brecon. Or rather the recycling facility. And I really really wish I'd taken my camera. It was completely fascinating. There were sections for every conceivable type of rubbish - soil, cardboard, rubble, bottles, plastic bottles, yoghurt pots, computers and televisions, paper, and shredded paper. And then there was the shop. I assume they were selling stuff though clearly not for a lot. In this section you could pick up a whole house worth's of furniture, a hairdresser's worth of mirrors and a golf tournament's worth of clubs. We left lots of things that probably won't be sold on. And lots of old computer equipment which might be eventually. Who knows.

I could have spent all day there but sadly my destiny was elsewhere. Specifically I seem to have spent a lot of time in our lane shouting very very loudly and aggressively at Tom. Which if you know Tom will be a surprise. My excuse is that he was manoeuvring the tank-like van into our drive way and out again which is not easy and has been known to defeat real-life van drivers. We then loaded it with what seemed like a lot of stuff, drove very slowly round lots of roundabouts waiting for the sound of crashes from the back and then unloaded it into the container, at which point we realised it wasn't that much stuff in the first place.

This evening, after collecting two very tired and partied out girls, we ate fish and chips, drank beer and I will be heading to bed very soon. Tom is still doing battle with some tax forms, more fool him!

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