15 October, 2009

Woman with a van

Tomorrow is our first day of moving. We've had lots of other people taking stuff - mostly lightweight - but tomorrow Tom and I are hoping to shift a lot into our storage container. I haven't done this kind of moving for nearly ten years and I seem to remember that last time it nearly killed me, so it would be fair to say that I'm not entirely looking forward to this. Why are we subjecting ourselves to this ordeal? Well, it just seems to make sense this time to ensure that we are putting stuff in storage we want, that we're getting rid of our rubbish and I suppose we just about have the time to do it though the last part is feeling less and less like the case. Plus I think I may actually be better at packing and sorting than was my last removals company.

Meanwhile, we're in that odd limbo where we're almost out of here, but still carrying on with the daily routine. So Brownies, swimming lessons and this morning, a school assembly, have all been on the agenda. The assembly was lovely, and my shy and quiet daughter read her own poem out nice and loud which is more than I would have managed at her age. I also answered a question (yes, the headmaster made sure that parents had been listening by asking questions!) on Henry VIII (how many wives?) which was a little easy for me as I specialized in the 16th century at university, but I wasn't telling. Still can't resist being a class swot!

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