19 November, 2009

At home at last

We have moved in. And we have things to sit on and sleep in - thanks in large part to the help of several of Tom's colleagues and their apparently willing partners. I am very grateful to Chad, Sarah, Henry, Rachel, Jon and Alex. We are much more comfortable because of you. And probably a lot less cross with each other than we might have been.

So here I am sitting at my kitchen table looking at a wonderful view on a gloriously sunny autumnal day - feels like early October in the UK. I am not used to the weather and it does keep one in a good mood. I would take pictures but I can't remember where I put the camera battery charger. And I have a lot of unpacking to do. So with that, I shall go off to put some bookshelves together.


Almost Mrs Average said...

Sending you some house-warming wishes from over the pond. It's so funny the feeling of distance, even in this virtual world. Hope you enjoy settling in.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Glad to know you have your own place. Sounds as if you are getting there! And the girls going to school - amazing how they just do it.