21 November, 2009

Thoughts on being an expat

I've always been rather disparaging of those who go to live abroad and do little to integrate themselves into the local culture. People who spend years living in a country without learning the language, for example. Well I'm let off that one, as Americans and I mostly have the same language in common. But the question arises - how much do I want to immerse myself in American culture? And here I'm thinking specifically of the media. It is very easy these days to maintain your own little British bubble in California, listening to Radio 4 and reading the British news websites. But is it wise? Not that I want to start watching Fox News or listening to Rush Limbaugh. God forbid! But I have started listening to NPR Morning Edition first thing as somehow there is something very odd about listening again to the Today programme, and streaming Gardener's Question Time at breakfast just feels plain wrong.

As to other ways to immerse ourselves, we won't be buying a truck whatever Tom's company thought, nor will we be giving up Builders' tea any day soon. But we will be celebrating Thanksgiving, first with Kindergarten and then with friends.

P.S. If anyone has any good tips for US radio programmes I might like - intelligent discussion, good music, in depth international news - then let me know.

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Soilman said...

I fear 'in depth international news' will forever elude you in the US, Eliane. The west coast doesn't 'do' international, much.