01 March, 2010

Happy New Year!

The Chinese New Year is big in this city where nearly a third of the population is Asian. Having managed to miss/avoid the Chinese New Year celebrations in London for nearly 20 years, we decided we really ought to go to this parade. We didn't stay the whole time. Parades take ages to pass, and it seems like geological time when you have a small boulder on your shoulders that wriggles and squawks every time you have the temerity to let go to scratch your nose or adjust your glasses. But we did stay long enough to see the Fire Department, Police Department, several local politicians (who left the audience distinctly underwhelmed) and lots of magnificent tigers, dragons, and lions. It was lovely, loud, colourful. After that we headed home on the tram to pick up our take-away - Chinese of course - and collapse. Lottie the small boulder collapsed particularly quickly, falling asleep in roughly the same time it takes to lie down. Here are some pictures for you.


mountainear said...

Fantastic colours - makes the parade I saw in Manchester one year look very sombre.

Suzanne@ Panteg Alpacas said...

Looks fantastic , but pls refrain from posting 2 items at the same time they don't show on my updates list and I nearly missed the cookery course!!

Don said...

It looks like you are finding interesting things to pass your time here in the States! I saw a little bit of a Chinese New Year Parade in LA back in the eighties. Lots of fun, and the best part was getting loaded up with good food!